Postering Man of Steel at Comic-Con

So what do you think of the Man of Steel poster released Saturday at Comic-Con? Not surprisingly, producer Christopher Nolan’s gritty DNA is present, linking it to next week’s release of The Dark Knight Rises.

Sure enough: director Zack Snyder confirmed in Hall H that this Superman is for a new generation that “can beat the snot out of some people.”  A superhero that can deliver a sucker punch as well as take one.

Likewise, star Henry Cavill stated that he wanted to bring a modern version to the general public.

The footage reportedly screened revealed a more grounded tale of identity (will the world accept the Man of Steel) with a hand-held camera strategy.

It bears repeating what costume designer Michael Wilkinson divulged at the 5D|FLUX conference earlier this year at USC: They created a “neo-medieval” back story for Krypton (including the creation of a new language), which extended to the suit design as part of the mythology. “Everyone on Krypton wears this suit,” he suggested. Using ZBrush and rapid prototyping, Wilkinson came up the blue/gray color and chainmail look. “It has function and purpose and a logic to this fantastical world,” he added.

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