Patti Smith Talks Mercy Is from Noah

After her best original song Golden Globe nomination, Patti Smith is no longer such an improbable Oscar contender for her haunting Noah lullaby, “Mercy Is.”

But then the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer never ceases to break new barriers, which is why director Darren Aronofsky approached her for help with his song when they were serving as jurors at the Venice Film Festival.

“He gave me such a daunting task,” Smith admitted by phone from Rome, where she performed at the Vatican’s annual Christmas concert. “It had to be a bit of oral history, an Old Testament message, handed down from generations, and it had to serve Noah [Russell Crowe], it had to serve his step-daughter [played by Emma Watson], and it had to serve the end of the film. And for those babies, his grand-daughters, it’s the first song that they hear. So I really got to contemplate all of this in the writing of it. It was a challenge but when Darren told me about the film and what he was trying to do and deliver a very contemporary message in an Old Testament film, I really wanted to be a part of it. He had faith in me and I’m really grateful to him.”

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