Patrick Osborne Talks Disney Feast Short

Disney’s latest animated short, Feast, which highlights the importance of food and is uniquely told from a dog’s POV, premiered Tuesday at Annecy, but Animation Scoop got an early sneak peek and an exclusive interview with director Patrick Osborne (head of animation on the Oscar-winning Paperman and co-head on the upcoming Big Hero 6 feature). In fact, Feast will fittingly open in front of the Marvel superhero adaptation on Nov. 7.

If anything, Feast is big leap forward from both Paperman and Get A Horse! and will be a prime Oscar contender for best animated short. The hand-drawn/CG hybrid technique is more polished and accomplished and the narrative more ambitious and compelling. Winston has a great life with his master and best friend, James, stuffing himself with scrumptious plates of food until a girlfriend, Kirby, comes between them.

Feast boasts quick montage-style cuts (edited by Jeff Draheim of Frozen) and contains a distinctive look exemplified by the use of flat shapes and colors and shallow depth of field. Winston’s perspective is further accentuating by low angles and floating particulate matter. It’s like a minimalist’s approach to Lady and the Tramp. And if you look closely enough, you’ll notice that it takes place between the mid-’90s and today.

Feast was spawned by Disney’s artist-driven Spark program four years ago in which Osborne and production designer Jeff Turley created a new technique in 20 days for applying hand-drawn lines to CG characters in motion, which first led to Paperman. A more crucial influence, though, was a series of dinners Osborne shot with an app over the span of several months to convey the importance of food in his life. The fact that they were one-second snapshots of various plates of food made a big impression on John Lasseter. But so did the idea of marrying the concept to the winsome dog’s POV.

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