ParaNorman Set Visit

A few months ago, I returned to Laika to cover a ParaNorman (Aug. 17) set visit. The first of my articles appears in my latest TOH/Indiewire column. Directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell call it “John Carpenter meets John Hughes,” so it has a lot of teen angst mixed with horror fun. But it’s rooted in skewed naturalism compared to Henry Selick’s Coraline.

“I think the story of ParaNorman in large part is about the people who are making it,” says Laika president and lead animator, Travis Knight. “It’s this story of outsiders — people who are marginalized for what they are and what they represent. But, also, at the same time, these people have extraordinary gifts, and that’s true of Norman and this crew here.”

Yet “ParaNorman” couldn’t have been made as effectively without the latest technology, especially Rapid Prototyping with a new 3D color printer. This not only churns out faster face replacements but also provides greater verisimilitude.

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