Ottman Talks Multitasking on Days of Future Past

It’s hard enough wearing two hats as editor and composer for Bryan Singer, but the trippy, time-traveling X-Men: Days of Future Past offered some additional challenges for John Ottman. “I think we both look fondly upon the experience we had on X-Men 2 and we wanted to relive that a bit so coming back to Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen allowed us to fulfill that and then expand upon the thing and make it more epic,” he says.

Amid the usual Marvel mayhem, though, Days of Future Past is surprisingly emotional. It not only brings together the two X-Men worlds for the first time but also introduces the dark days of the younger Professor X (James McAvoy), who tries to rekindle the hope that he has lost in 1973 with the help of Logan/Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). And Magneto (Michael Fassbender) really gets unhinged during the action-packed climax, with simultaneous battles occurring in the past and future. “This was an idea that Bryan came up with while still planning Washington to give it more scope. It was a great idea but it was like throwing a bomb on what we had already planned for Washington.”

Not having a completed script was difficult but with time travel you’ve got an extra level of narrative complexity to finesse.

“It’s not apparent until you go out and shoot it and then look at it that it doesn’t make too much sense. Now what do we do? We’d better shoot a different scene now. So this was the challenge of this movie and fortunately Fox was very trusting and cooperative because there was a scene, for instance, that we shot that I didn’t think made any sense. And so I rallied to shoot a different scene in lieu of it, knowing full well if we didn’t do it now while we were shooting we might never get back to do it again,” Ottman says.

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