Oscar-Nominated Simpsons Short Back in Theaters

Fox has re-released the Oscar contending, 3-D animated short, Maggie Simpson in: The Longest Daycare, this weekend in LA and New York with acclaimed best picture nominee Life of Pi. It will play through next weekend.

In LA, Maggie Simpson is playing at:

ArcLight Hollywood,  Sherman Oaks and Beach Cities; The Grove; AMC Century City, Santa Monica 7, Burbank Town Center, CityWalk, Promenade 16, Rolling Hills; The Landmark.

In The Simpsons first short, Maggie hilariously gets the spotlight in an adventure at the Ayn Rand School for Tots. “Jim [Brooks] just wanted another way to experiment with the characters,” explains director David Silverman. “We started spit-balling and thought it made the best sense to center it around Maggie as a standalone without any of the adults. It was interesting to isolate Maggie from the setting and we started thinking about the old Feed the Kitty cartoon by Chuck Jones or Tom and Jerry in general.”

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