Osborne and Tindle Get the Google Spotlight

Google Spotlight Stories continues to evolve as an ”on device” experience, luring Patrick Osborne (Pearl) and Shannon Tindle (On Ice), who appeared on a first-time Google panel at Comic-Con.

“The thing that’s happening now in VR and Google Spotlight Stories is that the camera’s in the middle of a space and you can look in any direction,” explained Feast Oscar winner Osborne. “How is that going to limit you and maybe inspire you in other ways to do something interesting? And there’s this phrase that people say: ’I turned around and my kid went from 10 to 25.’ And the idea of turning around to advance time seemed kind of cool that you could do with the Google Spotlight.

“So my initial inspiration for this was using the perceived limits to make this more interesting to watch. And all of the interesting looks that I’ve been into playing around with at Disney could be done in real-time. I was trying to simplify color and shape, and it seemed like something you could do in a game engine: playing with edits and a pared down look. What you see is what you get, so as you’re working and animating you don’t have the compositing step that you normally do. On top of that we’re doing stuff with music and syncing audio to what happens on screen.”

Pearl is a road picture told in musical format (composed by Scot Stafford) and made at Evil Eye Pictures and Google ATAP. It’s produced by David Eisenmann, exec produced by Karen Dufilho of Spotlight, with Tuna Bora serving as production designer and Matt McDonald as VFX supervisor.

Meanwhile, Tindle has been also working with Evil Eye and ATAP on his wacky comedy, On Ice, about a bear that wrecks an Ice Capades show for the star skater. Tom Knott produces, Dufilho exec produces for Spotlight, Lou Romano is production designer, Mark Oftedal serves as animation director, McDonald is VFX supervisor and the score is by Stafford.

“You have this story happening all around you but imagine placing that camera on the ice with the skaters?” said Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends Emmy winner Tindle. “It’s over-the-top and plays around with Star Wars and Flash Gordon but there’s a twistLou Romano and I tend toward more graphic sensibilities. I designed the characters and I want to get as close to Lou’s artwork as possible.

“So we took inspiration from ’70s/’80s sci-fi and I carried that through to the music as well. I wanted it to sound like Queen did the music for this and I think Scot did a good job of that. It’s heavy guitar, big music, and kept saying go bigger.”

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