New Skyfall Trailers: Bond Resurrection

After some nice explosive teasing, we finally get two full-blown Skyfall trailers — one international and one domestic all about “resurrection.” You only live twice, Mr. Bond?

In addition to the thrilling Kiss Kiss Bang Bang we’ve come to expect, Daniel Craig’s third outing is all about coming to grips with fear and fallibility in a world turned upside down. The international trailer begins with M (Judi Dench) typing 007′s obituary on a computer monitor and wondering what to say about him; then we see her ordering field agent Eve (Naomie Harris) to “take the bloody shot,” sending Bond hurling off the top of a train and plunging to his “death.” But things begin closing in on M when Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) reprimands her for losing the drive with the identities of all their embedded agents and MI6 is attacked.

Bond suddenly appears in darkness, “reporting for duty,” after “enjoying death.”  But Mallory wonders why Bond doesn’t stay dead: “There’s no shame in saying you’ve lost a step.” Bond meets the nerdy Q (Ben Whishaw) in a meet cute in a museum, where he presents him with his own special Walther PPK that only he can fire (“more of a personal statement”).

M is hounded more forcefully in the domestic trailer (“Think On Your Sins”). Then Bond meets the seductive Severine (Berenice Marlohe), who tells him he hasn’t faced fear until he’s met the suave Silva (Javier Badem), who makes a grand entrance in his computer lair, proclaiming that Bond’s world is “so old-fashioned.” But this blond baddie is no Red Grant or Max Zorin — he’s the epitome of cool, even when taken prisoner in a glass booth. He tells Bond, “Mommy was very bad,” to send him unprepared to face certain death. However, when he asks Bond what his hobby is, he pointedly replies: “Resurrection.”

Que “The Bond Theme.” The second-half of the trailer consists of the familiar action we’ve already seen, with Bond looking cool after entering a shattered train car, adjusting his cufflinks to uphold his suave image,  and also winking before firing a shot. Craig’s Bond is sly if still explosive (production designer Dennis Gassner extends his pattern language with great metaphors). He definitely looks more comfortable in his own skin; and director Sam Mendes has fashioned a 50th anniversary valentine that attempts to put some of the mystique back into 007; and cinematographer Roger Deakins adds a touch of class to the classical/modern hybrid.

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  1. Marvin Jordana

    In the 16th century Dr. John Dee, a spy for Queen Elizabeth I was the inspiration for Ian Flemings James Bond. You might already know this.

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