Michael Giacchino Performs at Bad Robot

Last night film composer Michael Giacchino gave an intimate concert on the roof of J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot studio. The performance was in honor of Super 8, and the illustrious crowd included Brad Bird, Jon Favreau, Dennis Muren, and Karl Urban. Giacchino led off with the tender theme from the Steven Spielberg tribute, saying he was glad to have the opportunity to be “10 again.” With his small orchestra, Giacchino also performed suites from Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol, Star Trek, and Lost.

Afterward, I remarked how wonderfully romantic and melancholy his music is, and Giaccino said that’s what he lives for. My late father used to call it “smaltzy,” and Giacchino responded, “Smaltzy is good.”

Meanwhile, Abrams begins shooting his Star Trek sequel next week and showed some of us around his geeky-looking studio. He lamented the closing of Kerner Optical (the former ILM practical effects division). “It’s over, it’s all CG now and I have to live with it.”

I also had a chance to congratulate Bird on the enormous success of Ghost Protocol, which surpassed his own expectations. He was glad people enjoyed the old-style action that wasn’t too intense.

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