Lord and Miller Talk More Lego Movie

The Oscar race kicks into high gear, and one of the top contenders for animated features is The Lego Movie from Warner Bros. and Animal Logic. In fact, Lego is the third highest grossing movie of the year domestically, grabbing $257, 760, 692 and $468 million worldwide. Warner Bros. recently announced three more movies: the Charlie Bean-directed Ninjago in 2016;The Lego Batman Movie in 2017 (with Will Arnett and directed by The Lego Movie animation supervisor Chris McKay); and The Lego Movie 2in 2018. So everything is awesome for directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and we sat down for a more in-depth chat.

Bill Desowitz: So you must be thrilled at its great success, which is important because it was so ambitious and risky.

Phil Lord: What attracted us in the first place was it was a big, commercial idea and we only like doing things that seem really risk-taking and doing what felt like an audacious movie was such a challenge.

BD: You’re looking at it from the outside and inside, which is very tricky yet rewarding. And that’s what I’ve liked about all of your works.

Chris Miller: But there’s a line where you don’t want to cross where it stops being a real movie. And the reality of the universe has to remain intact otherwise you stop rooting for Emmet.

BD: And you had to cram so much universe.

CM: From the beginning we always talked about not talking down to an audience, especially in an animated film where they’re always afraid of it not being relatable to children.

BD: That’s the key — to craft jokes aimed at different people.

PL: But adults are deprived sometimes of that thing, having to infer what something means and having to watching something completely so you understand every second of it.

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