It’s All About the Hulk

Everyone’s talking about the Hulk stealing The Avengers (opening today) and rightly so. Three time’s the charm as Mark Ruffalo delivers a sensitive, funny, and spirited performance, and ILM ups its game with terrific animation. I discuss the Big Guy in my latest TOH/Indiewire column.

“We really wanted to utilize everything we’ve developed the last 10 years and make it a pretty spectacular Hulk,” suggests ILM VFX supervisor Jeff White. “One of the great design decisions was to incorporate Mark Ruffalo into the look of him. So much of Hulk is based on Ruffalo and his performance, not only in motion capture and on set but down to his eyes, his teeth, and his tongue. We collected a huge amount of data and, thankfully, Mark is just the most agreeable person for the series of trials we put him through. We did many different types of image capture and he did a life cast of his head, hands and feet for us.”

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