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Eureka’s Master of Cinema series offers Sacha Guitry’s black comedy, La Poison,  and Federico Fellini’s City of Women on Blu-ray in the UK, while Warner Archive and Fox Cinema Archives uncover The Mask of Dimitrios and Unfaithfully Yours, respectively, on DVD.

La Poison (Eureka)

After a disarmingly warm introduction of his actors and crew Guitry moves in for the kill as disgruntled husband and wife Michel Simon and Germaine Reuver plot their murders and wind up in a hilarious court room finale that should be studied with Adam’s Rib. It’s easy to see why Guitry’s carefree naturalism was an inspiration to the French New Wave. The Blu-ray boasts a new Gaumont restoration and a splendid doc, On Life On-Screen: Miseries and Splendour of a Monarch.

City of Women (Eureka)

Fellini ushered in the ’80s with his own cinematic version of punk, picking up where he left off in 8 1/2  with Marcello Mastroianni trapped in psycho-sexual mash-up of memory and fantasy where women are in control. The Blu-ray boasts another stunning new Gaumont restoration along with three terrific docs:  Notes on City of Women, A Dream of Women, and Dante Ferretti: A Builder of Dreams.

The Mask of Dimitrios (Warner Archive)

“There’s not enough kindness in the world,” suggests the smiling Sidney Greenstreet to Peter Lorre in this delightful 1944 noir directed by Jean Negulesco and adapted from the Eric Ambler novel.  In fact, the best thing about this mystery is the warmth between Greenstreet and Lorre. Lorre’s a novelist on the prowl for a new story, who becomes intrigued with tales of a cunning sociopath (Zachary Scott), and Greenstreet plays a charmer in search of “the stuff that dreams are made of.”  This is manufactured on demand from Warner Archive.

Unfaithfully Yours (Cinema Archives)

Preston Sturges’ underrated black comedy from ’48 has diabolical fun with Rex Harrison’s acerbic conductor, who plots to kill wife Linda Darnell when he’s convinced she’s been unfaithful. Alas, plotting murder is not as easy as conducting the three symphonies he envisions (the overture to Rossini’s Semiramide, the prelude to Wagner’s Tannhauser, and Tchaikovsky’s Francesca da Rimini).

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