Immersed in Blu-ray: The Insider

Back in 2000, many of us thought The Insider should’ve won best picture. It was an incisive and oppressive fact-based thriller that recalled the best of the ’70s. Now an indispensable Blu-ray is out from Touchstone Ent. looking darker and richer than ever before, and, if anything, Michael Mann’s movie seems even more brilliant.

Russell Crowe’s whistle blower and Al Pacino’s 60 Minutes producer form a fascinating alliance to take down the unethical tobacco industry. The two insiders are a study in calculated restraint, and the movie can be summed in a discussion of social conscience during an early meeting in Crowe’s car. Pacino all but admits he gave up his ideals to better provide for his family and Crowe is now faced with his own crucible. It’s a second chance at redemption for both of them.

Power and paranoia are seething beneath slick, opulent surfaces, exquisitely designed by Brian Morris and photographed by Dante Spinotti. Editor Billy Goldenberg, who just won the Oscar for Argo, keeps a slow burning pace with co-editor Paul Rubell. The emphasis is always on characters desperately trying to maintain control while keeping their cool (as laid out in the complex script by Eric Roth and Mann).

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