Immersed in Blu-ray: Home from DreamWorks

DreamWorks is back doing cultural satire with Home (out in a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD combo from Fox Home Ent.). Jim Parsons and Rihanna team up as Oh and Tip in this alien invasion buddy comedy with Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez co-starring.

Extras include “Oh’s Boovy Jukebox” of top tracks, “Feel the Light” music video and lyric video by Lopez, and character drawing tutorials.

“When our films work really well, I think they have a component of a wry social commentary,” admitted director Tim Johnson (Over the Hedge). “We get away with some good observations about what makes us tick, and what I liked about Adam’s book was that it was scathingly funny about all of the mistakes that have been made and yet lovingly respectful about what makes humans amazing.

“It was interesting to me working with Jim how different Oh was from Sheldon. Most fundamentally, Oh craves connections and to share things with other people and to throw parties, all of which is the opposite of what Sheldon wants on Big Bang Theory. We mostly explored how much fun that was as an actor. Jim is so good with text and I find a lot of actors who do live theater are this way and they know how to make the written word said for the very first time. And even on a cold read when Jim has never seen pages before, he just had an ability to make the words of Oh with its crazy, loopy syntax and bad grammar so appealing and so communicative and so emotional. So with Jim, the the task right from the start was the balancing act between Oh’s arrogance and this charming desire to connect. “

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