How They Did It: The Imitation Game

The best scene in The Imitation Game occurs when Alan Turing (played by Oscar-nominated Benedict Cumberbatch) finally gets his computer to work and breaks the Nazi Enigma code with his research team. Oscar contending editor Billy Goldenberg, production designer Maria Djurkovic and composer Alexandre Desplat discuss the making of this pivotal scene.

Editor Billy Goldenberg: ”The fun part for me is you’re starting in the beer hut and you’ve got a lot of personal interaction going on. Alan and Joan [ Keira Knightley] are engaged and have a relationship and the guys are tired of trying to make this machine work and they’re running out of time. And I think it’s unexpected that we’re in the middle of a flirtation in the middle of the night in a beer hut.”

Production Designer Maria Djurkovic: ”There is a quite a bold use of color, red features. You can see it in bunting, it’s in the Union Jacks, and the beams and the shiny floor, and we turned the volume up on the red wires spitting into the machine, and the colors of the rotors are the exact colors of the real rotors. I’ve tweaked them all a little bit.”

Composer Alexandre Desplat: “The weight has to be real and I fused computerized pianos with harps and celestes played by real musicians, but then we could have the algorithms of the program played with the arpeggios randomly.”

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