Halon Tackles John Carter Previs

Daniel Gregoire and his team at Halon helped Andrew Stanton by prevising the White Ape sequence, and John Carter marked the unveiling of Halon’s motion capture/virtual camera system.

And it certainly helped collaborating with producer Colin Wilson, who previously worked on Avatar. “He encouraged us to set it up and use it in San Francisco at the Saul Zaentz building,” Gregoire recalls, “and we went through this process where we looked at the storyboards that [second unit director] Mark Andrews had drawn, and we broke them down into beats and they had a one-day motion capture session with Mark in a suit actually playing the parts of the apes. I had one artist who is a great MotionBuilder guy, Jeremy Agamata, and he took those performances and broke them down into the set ups that we needed to have to shoot the sequence.”

So they broke the action into logical chunks and put the mocap animation together and then shot it with a virtual camera. “This not only allowed us to capture Andrew’s style of filmmaking but it also allowed us to amp up that sequence and turn it into more of a hand-held observational style, which was more energetic and what he wanted for the battle in the arena.”

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