Halon Partners with Minimo on New Previs Process

Previs boutique Halon Entertainment (The Hunger Games, Prometheus, Life of Pi) has formed a partnership with Minimo Vfx of Barcelona that will usher in a new “build it once” philosophy for CG creatures during pre-production. This will avoid the duplication of making them again later on during VFX. The two companies are currently working together on Dome, directed by VFXer Brandon Fayette.

Through this partnership, Halon is looking to bid the final creature creation part of the Vfx process during previs, long before Vfx vendors are usually decided on. Creatures will be fully modeled, rigged, surfaced, and performance tested for any VFX pipeline. Typically, characters are conceived by an art department, built by a company such as Halon for previs and then built again by a VFX studio for final shots. Is this doable? Scott Squires (@scott_squires) tweeted me: “Only if VFX co. involved.” Read more at TOH/Indiewire.

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