Going Deeper into The Croods

The Croods (which grabbed nine Annie nominations, including best animated feature) certainly stands out in a year dominated by survival and the inevitability of change. In fact, every country that directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco visited on their press tour embraced the prehistoric family as part of their own cultural identity.

“We were lucky in having cavemen to work with because there were no cultural gaps and the end result was that people around the world saw the Croods as being their family,” Sanders reflects. “We realized that wherever you are, it’s inevitable that the one constant will be change inside your own family.”

“It’s the first time I worked on a movie with such an international crew that you didn’t have to explain anything,” adds DeMicco.

What makes it work, according to the directors, who are now writing the sequel, is the triangle between Grug (Nicolas Cage), daughter Eep (Emma Stone), and boyfriend Guy (Ryan Reynolds). “All three characters will push against each other and change each other, but we couldn’t have Guy come into the story and just taking over,” Sanders explains. “He’s smarter than Grug and could become the default leader of this bunch, so we had to be be careful that he had gaps and missing pieces in his character so that these guys have a nice balance.”

Indeed, despite the fact that Guy is a scientific genius with a laser-sharp focus on the future, he’s a dead-end character who needs the Croods as much as they need him. “If he doesn’t run into the Croods, he will live his life full measure and wind up in some salt flat,” Sanders says.

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