Going Deeper into DM2 with Chris Meledandri

With last week’s Blu-ray/DVD release of the blockbuster and Oscar-contending Despicable Me 2 from Universal, it’s a great time to catch up once again with Illumination’s Chris Meledandri, who made the Vanity Fair list of top media disruptors for the second consecutive year.

In fact, Meledandri admits that being a disruptor is part of the secret of his great success: he’s a subversive storyteller, who then makes it marketable to audiences around the world, which is why Ice Age andDespicable Me have become huge global franchises.

“I go back to family: Ice Age was about disparate characters rejected by their own kind,” Meledandri suggests. “They come together to save the child. Despicable Me is about redefining what a family could be. It has a visual distinction and an experimental quality. It also has an immersive quality that delivers the theatrical experience.”

Meledandri would rather be a disruptor than part of the crowd and always looks to push himself out of his comfort zone. That’s the ethos of his storytelling and the lesson that he learned from the failure of Titan A.E., which became the price of admission to the rest of his career when he was head of animation at Fox. He also had a fear of change, but after 13-and-a-half years, it was time to move on and build something new as a continuation of personal growth.

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