Gibbs Talks Radiator Springs 500 1/2 Short

Pixar has certainly gotten a lot of mileage with Cars, and this week launches a new “Tales From Radiator Springs” series of shorts premiering on the Disney Movies Anywhere app. The first short, Radiator Springs 500 1/2, introduces a new off-road racing challenging that Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) can’t resist entering to redeem the honor of the town and its founder, Stanley. Director Rob Gibbs (“Mater’s Tall Tales”) discusses some of the new animated twists and turns.

What’s new about Radiator Springs?

It was an opportunity to focus on Lightning McQueen and the town of Radiator Springs a little bit. We started looking at races around the world and really like the Baja 1000 race in Mexico and thought Radiator Springs could have a race there so the challenge was to create a reason for why they would do it there. And so we treated it like a Western where these off-road vehicles come in a challenge the fastest car in the west to a race, and, of course, Lightning McQueen can’t resist.And the other fun thing we had with it was the juxtaposition of Mater’s crew that takes the fun, leisurely route vs. the rugged off-road route that the other racers take.

What are some of the other new twists?

We started playing with the idea of cars taking the wrong turn. And Mater decided to take on the role of tour guide and so we looked to the Disneyland Jungle Cruise ride. And if you’ve taken that ride, it’s usually a guy with a lot of puns. We actually met with one of the guys that writes those and came up with a bunch of little things. It was a fun wrinkle for us to come up with what’s funny and what’s pun-y.

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