Franklin Talks Mind-Blowing Interstellar VFX

SPOILER ALERT: The visual effects whiz behind Interstellar jumps into the making of the film’s trickiest, most mind-blowing sequences.

When it came to wormholes and black holes, Christopher Nolan set out to make the most physically realistic sci-fi movie ever made with Interstellar. The VFX results are spectacular and Oscar-worthy, even compared to last season’s Oscar-winning Gravity, demonstrating how high the bar continues to be raised technically and creatively when it comes to space adventures.

In fact, the ground-breaking VFX work on the black hole by Double Negative is so brilliant that physicists will now have actual models to study for the first time, thanks to breakthrough rendering capabilities.

Situated somewhere between 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Right Stuff, Nolan’s movie is obviously a different gravitational force from Alfonso Cuaron’s blockbuster, and a wonderful companion piece to Inception. “Kip Thorne provided the physics,” recalls Oscar-winning VFX supervisor and Double Negative co-founder Paul Franklin (Inception). “Wormholes connect two points in space-time like a giant spherical lens in space and theoretically allow time travel. Kip explained that wormholes are theoretically permissible under certain circumstances but are very unstable.”

A black hole, by contrast, is a region of space-time from which gravity prevents anything from escaping, including light. It is completely black with no surface detail. ”Kip worked with the R&D team at Double Negative, which developed a new renderer called The Worm Renderer, which calculated the relativistically warped space around the black hole [called Gargantua] and ray traced all the light paths around it [as well as around and through the wormhole]. When we saw the test versions of the renderers, I realized that we didn’t have to embellish it.”

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