FOST Adds Perlmutter Evolution of Cinema Video

The Future of StoryTelling (FoST) will host its second annual summit in New York City on Oct. 3, exploring how technology is making storytelling more interactive, and one its participants, Tom Perlmutter, chairperson, National Film Board of Canada and Government Film Commissioner, has created a video presentation on the “Evolution of Cinema and the Birth of a New Art Form,” which you can view below.

Perlmutter explains being transported as a teenager when watching a silent film and uses The Great Train Robbery as an early storytelling touchstone with tracking shots, panning shots, double exposure, and parallel action. He says editing is the fundamental way of understanding “how to organize narrative flow, how to organize information, how to organize aesthetic experience.”

Meanwhile, Perlmutter suggests that digital is a new way of giving the viewer more control in structuring the storytelling experience. Navigation, for example, is the equivalent of editing in the interactive story as an organizer of these various experiences.

Founded by Charles Melcher of Melcher Media, FoST is designed to disrupt the traditional conference model, encompassing film, TV, publishing, music, gaming, journalism, advertising, among other disciplines. In lieu of sitting through hours of lectures and PowerPoint presentations, the 300 invite-only attendees will receive advanced access to specially-made short films, each featuring a FoST speaker discussing his or her area of expertise. Attendees will choose their three favorite speakers, and join them for 60-minute roundtable conversations on the day of the summit. The roundtables, intended to foster insight and open dialogue, use the short film as a point of departure for further exploration. Attendees are encouraged to come prepared with questions, and to actively engage in a lively dialogue with the speaker and a small group of attendees (approx. 20) that has self-selected to be a part of the roundtable conversation.

“We are witnessing the birth of a new art form, like the first moments of cinema,” Melcher said. “We’re at the early days of figuring out how to unleash the full potential of these new technologies to tell more impactful and powerful stories. Our mission is to foster young talent, celebrate new forms of storytelling, and to help educate and inspire the next generation of storytellers.”

Other speakers include Angela Ahrendts, CEO, Burberry; Chris Milk, director and artist; Susan Bonds, co-founder and CEO, 42 Entertainment;  Robert Wong, chief creative officer, Google Creative Lab; Kevin Slavin, founder, area/code and assistant professor, MIT Media Lab; Eddy Moretti, chief creative officer, Vice; Alexis Lloyd, creative director, New York Times Research and Development Lab; and Lisa Donovan, co-founder, Maker Studios.

Workshops will be led by Catherine Burns, Artistic Director of The Moth; Gillian Ferrabee, Director of the Creative Lab for Cirque du Soleil Media; artist Béatrice Coron, who tells stories through the craft of paper-cutting; and the team in charge of Google Glass. Inside the FoST Story Arcade exhibit, attendees experience the best examples of digital storytelling, from console games to mobile apps to web documentaries, as well as interactive installations from Red Paper Heart, Local Projects, and others.

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