Final Trailering of The Master

There’s more sex, violence,  gun play, and melancholy in the final trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master (Sept. 14) on the eve of its festival run at Venice and Toronto.

Unlike the previous trailer, this one blows by breathlessly, not only accentuating the mentor/protege relationship between Philip Seymour Hoffman’s cult leader (more Orson Welles than L. Ron Hubbard, according to the actor) and Joaquin Phoenix’s  volatile alcoholic, but also spicing it up with more of Amy Adams as Hoffman’s highly charged wife. A post-World War II allegory about lost souls that’s tailor-made for our times (the futility of good intentions or crass manipulation?) Filmed beautifully in large format by  Mihai Malaimare Jr., it’s a must-see in 70mm (the death of film is yet another layer).

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