DP Cronenweth Talks Gone Girl

The cinematographer talks color palettes, lighting, Rosamund Pike and, yes, “that scene.” SPOILER alert!

Cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth agrees that Gone Girl is lighter in tone than his three previous films with David Fincher but no less psychologically complex. In fact, the marriage made in hell for Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike is really three movies in one: his story, her story and the third-person police procedural.

And weather factors in visually for Cronenweth with this “Punch and Judy” show. Manhattan is warm and romantic and Missouri is cold and oppressive, as their relationship spirals out of control. Cronenweth, therefore, adjusts color palettes, lenses and filters to infiltrate their emotional highs and lows and volatile states of mind.
“The romance and energy and success in New York is obviously the counterpart and setup for their demise, which happens in the Midwest, where she is out of her comfort zone,” says Cronenweth, the two-time Oscar nominee for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network.Read the rest at TOH/Indiewire.

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