Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams Talk Big Hero 6

Disney is all about simultaneously looking forward and back during the John Lasseter era, and Big Hero 6 (Nov. 7), interestingly enough, represents the studio’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It dares to be different by mashing up animation with a lesser-known Marvel comic, and, at the same time, deals with loss and creating a team of misfit superheroes. Baymax, the huggable, inflatable robot, like Groot, is the larger than life, conscience of the movie, with a message about compassion. The animation continues to improve and expand, inventing the hybrid San Fransokyo world, and incorporating thrilling action/adventure and cool VFX, aided by the new Hyperion global illumination renderer.

Bill Desowitz: You continue a great evolution begun with Tangled, incorporating hand-drawn and CG into a new Disney hybrid and embracing new kinds of stories.

Don Hall: Yeah, I think people are going to be surprised after Frozen that this isn’t just another Disney fairy tale. And the idea of taking on all kinds of different genres is really important to the health of the studio.

BD: They talk about looking from different angles to solve problems and that’s very appropriate.

DH: Yeah, it’s a great message for what we’re doing.

BD: A Marvel/Disney mash-up. What about this strange coincidence with Guardians of the Galaxy, which also deals with the loss of a loved one and has similarities between Groot and Baymax?

DH: Couldn’t have predicted that. When I first pitched this to John, it was just a rumor that they were making this. I love Guardians. It’s a lot of fun but again our task was very simple.

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