Desplat Talks Philomena Score

Composer Alexandre Desplat has never scored a comedy before and, although one wouldn’t call Philomena a comedy, he nonetheless found the witty repartee between Judi Dench and Steve Coogan a lighter change of pace for his fifth collaboration with director Stephen Frears.

Desplat delivers a restrained and elegant score, which mostly recedes in the background, comprised primarily of a carnival waltz that reflects Philomena’s generous spirit and undying faith.

“The movie has this duality, which is often the case with Stephen’s movies, where the tragedy is very strong but there’s also this distant wit,” Desplat suggests. “There’s this balance between drama and comedy. It’s always a better way of delivering a message, whether it’s political or social.

“I always try to remember that I love the Italian comedies of the ’60s, particularly by Ettore Scola ['Made in Italy']. They would have very deep subjects and always treat them with a sense of humor.When it’s tinted with comedy, it makes everything so much stronger somehow.”

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