Creating Ballroom Dancing in The Boxtrolls

Without a doubt, the exquisite ballroom dance sequence from The Boxtrolls (a romantic interlude combined with a frantic chase and culminating with public humiliation) was the most difficult to pull off, particularly in stop-motion. It required special planning, some creative experimentation, and extra effort from all the departments. And the sequence is enhanced by Dario Marianelli’s pretty waltz (watch the exclusive “Let’s Dance” making of featurette below, with the David Bowie cover composed by McKenzie Stubbert).

“From a story perspective, you’re thinking ballroom dancing is not on the same scale as Snatcher riding the Mecha-Drill and destroying the market square,” recounts co-director Graham Annable. “Logistically, moving so many puppets and keeping the feel of the dance alive was much harder to do than anything in the film. It originated as a tea party where Eggs is having a great fish-out-of-water moment with Winnie’s parents. But with the way the rest of the movie evolved, it had to be on a bigger scale and Eggs’ humiliation needed to be more public.”

“Even as we boarded, we knew there had to be a romantic moment between Eggs and Winnie,” adds co-director Anthony Stacchi. “For the first time, they take a look at each other and seize the situation they’re in. At first, it wasn’t Snatcher pursuing Eggs during the dance [as Madame Frou Frou]. It got more complex with each iteration.”

However, the directors were met with utter silence when they entered the first breakdown meeting with the rest of the crew…

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