Composer Marianelli Waltzes Through The Boxtrolls

Oscar-winning composer Dario Marianelli (Atonement) didn’t hesitate to work on the Victorian steampunk madness of The Boxtrolls. He loves the way the animators at Laika conjure “the surreal, the dark, the grotesque, and the comedic.”

“I wanted to run away with the circus, and be part of what they were doing,” he admits. “The extra appeal, on this movie, came from the space that seemed available to the music: there was a chance to start contributing very early on to the sound of the ‘music machine’ that Fish and Eggs build together.

“For example; there was a big dance scene in need of music for the animators to work to, and generally there was a huge scope for characterization of the different worlds: the underground cavern, the upper-class cheese loving world, the evil and silly ambition of the red-hats. It was pretty irresistible.”

Marianelli, who previously scored the Disney animated short devoted to Victoriana, Tick Tock Tale, was mostly inspired directly from the movements he saw in the characters, particularly the Boxtrolls themselves. “Their hopping gait, the way they moved around, a cross between a wallaby, a skipping kid and a squirrel, gave me some of the rhythms that accompany them on their night scavenging missions.”

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