Clipping the Sound of Gravity

Gravity is a unique aural experience, which Alfonso Cuaron and  Re-recording Mixer Skip Lievsay discuss in this informative Dolby Atmos featurette from The SoundWorks Collection. The director also discusses sound in a separate video interview.

Indeed, Gravity was made for the incredible Dolby Atmos surround experience. It not only immerses us more than any other system, but also contains the most complex spatial direction in recent memory. Voices and other sounds constantly change in relation to Sandra Bullock. And the sounds in space are based on vibration, which influenced Steven Price’s effective score as well.

The Dolby Atmos mix for Gravity was led by multiple Academy Award nominated re-recording mixer Lievsay in collaboration with re-recording mixer Niv Adiri. Academy Award nominated Glenn Freemantle was the supervising sound editor and sound designer on the Dolby Atmos mix. Other people pivotal to the Dolby Atmos mix were music editor Chris Benstead and composer Price.

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