Clipping the Black Hole of Interstellar

Get a look at the real gravitational science of the black hole in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar (Nov. 7) in this new featurette highlighting theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, who served as exec producer and consultant.

This is the first time that a wormhole and black hole have been depicted in a movie predicated on Einstein’s Relativity equation, according to Thorne. He provided the mathematical data to Double Negative (under the VFX supervision of Paul Franklin), which then made accurate CG models of what a Black Hole looks like (“a strange funnel in the sky”) with the proper gravitational lensing.  And through their special rendering, Dneg came up with a rainbow fire across the top of the Black Hole.

Thorne is currently working on a book about the making of the Interstellar physics because the significance of Double Negative’s computer graphics can now wind its way back to the scientific community.

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