Clipping Sanjay’s Super Team from Pixar

Watch the first clip from Pixar’s compelling short, Sanjay’s Super Team, opening in front of The Good Dinosaur (Nov. 25).

I think Sanjay’s Super Team is very special and particularly Oscar worthy. It’s Pixar’s first semi-autobiographical short about Sanjay Patel (Toy Story 2Monsters, Inc., The Incredibles) coming to terms with his Hindu heritage, which he was ashamed of as a child growing up in San Bernadino. The little boy tries to watch his favorite superhero cartoon but his father insists that he mediate with him. Bored, he imagines summoning three Hindu deities to fight a three-headed demon in a thematic and stylistic assimilation of West and East (assisted by a lovely score by  Life of Pi Oscar winner Mychael Danna).

Read more about Sanjay Patel and Sanjay’s Super Team in my exclusive interview.

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