Clipping ILM VFX from Winter Soldier

Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the 10 shortlisted movies competing for the VFX Oscar and ILM has released a great new breakdown clip in anticipation of the bakeoff on Jan. 10.

The Helicarrier is a complete rebuild from The Avengers: more than 1,400 feet long and fully weaponized like a high-tech pirate ship with a dozen next-gen Phalinx guns. Plus they replaced the turbine engines with the Stark Repulsor engines.

“It’s got the big guns on the deck, the super weapon, and the underbelly surveillance hub, where the Cap and Winter Soldier fight takes place,” explains ILM visual effects supervisor Russell Earl. “The Russo brothers wanted everything to be grounded in a reality even if it was technology that we don’t necessarily have. And that included the guns on deck, which are more World War II than sci-fi. We did 90% modern and 10% World War II.”

ILM used Katana lighting and this was first project using V-Ray for Katana for the helicarriers. Maya and ILM’s Zeno package were used for camera blocking and rough layout. They also used 3ds Max Vray for environments. The proprietary Flip solver Plume package were used for water shots effects sim. Destruction shots were done with thinking particles in 3ds Max. Proof supplied the previs, providing a progression of where they are in space and the damage inflicted.

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