Carlos Saldanha Talks Rio 2

In Rio 2 (April 11), we go from Rio to the Amazon for a richer and more musical comedy/adventure with newcomers Janelle Monae and Bruno Mars. Meanwhile, Blu (Jesse Eisenberg), Jewel (Anne Hathaway), and their three kids travel to the rainforest and encounter more than family trouble. Director Carlos Saldanha, who signed a five-year deal with Fox to direct both live-action and animation, discusses raising the bar at Blue Sky.

From Rio to the Amazon. Let’s talk about that.

It was really interesting to go there. I was born and raised in Rio and the Amazon is far but I always liked that mysterious vibe and had a need to go there. And I was always into the environment. But I never got the chance until after I finished the first movie and I wanted to put it in there. Was is it about it that interests people — that interests me. It’s so big, so vast, so diverse. What was it like to be there and what makes it so mysterious and difficult?

What’s the light like? What are the colors like? What are the textures like?

Exactly. I’m a research freak but nothing prepared me for it. I remember walking into the jungle and just feeling how dark it is on the bottom. And then we up this gigantic tree and I wanted to get up to the top. It’s light, it’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s lush. And I wanted that for the movie because that’s how I divide the world: Nigel lives at the bottom where it’s dark and dingy, and the birds live at the top, where it’s like Shangri-La. And that’s how we art directed the two worlds. There are purples and blues and then we tried to come up with colors that feel part of it. And the red is a great contrast. The blue is trickier because there’s the green and the yellow of the sun, but we managed to pull it out. So we always tried to have shafts of warm light coming through the canopies to allow the blue birds to really stand out.

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