Cameron’s Deepsea Dive Inspires Avatar Sequels

James Cameron admitted that his recent record-setting solo dive to the Mariana Trench in the torpedo-shaped Deepsea Challenger has provided invaluable inspiration for his upcoming Avatar sequels, which will explore the oceans of Pandora and will be shot at a higher frame rate of 60 fps to improve the 3-D presentation.

“The best inspiration I got for Avatar 2 and 3 was dealing with the ‘master navigator’ culture in Micronesia,” Cameron said in Tokyo Friday, where he attended the Japanese premiere of Titanic 3-D.”

Indeed, it is presumed that the bio-luminescent colors of Avatar are inspired by the indigenous Micronesians, a seafaring culture that navigated the Pacific for centuries without the aid of compasses or charts.

Cameron, who is partnering with National Geographic, plans two more dives seven miles to the deepest point in the world before embarking on pre-production.

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