Bond 24 Set for 2014; Skyfall Teased at CinemaCon

The two-year Bond cycle is back, as Sony announced at CinemaCon that Bond 24 would be released holiday 2014. And it’s fully expected that Craig will exercise his option to make his fourth appearance as 007. Judging from the posts about the Skyfall teaser trailer screened at CinemaCon, here’s what I’ve gleaned from Comingsoon,The Playlist, and Empire’s 50th Bond issue for June:

The trailer is mainly comprised of Bond being interrogated in a word association game over establishing shots of London, then a target at a shooting range, and then the interrogation room itself: Country/England…Gun/Shot…Agent/Provocateur…Murder/Employment. It turns out that Bond is being observed by M and Ralph Fiennes’ Mallory (a high-ranking MI6 official), among others, through two-way mirrors. When the mysterious interrogator says, “Skyfall” and repeats it a second time, Bond says, “Done,” and walks out. He must’ve hit a personal nerve.

The rest of the trailer involves a quick-cutting montage of helicopters, fireballs resulting in a weird silhouette, glimpses of the blue neon-lit Shanghai nightlife, Bond standing over a row of coffins draped by the English flag, and a subway car crashing through the Tube. It ends with Bond saying, “Someone is coming to kill us. We’re going to kill them first.”

As for context, director Sam Mendes reveals in Empire that Skyfall pushes Bond out of his usual comfort zone and that there are three essentials to a Bond movie: “There needs to be a female contingent that interacts with Bond in a way that verges on the racy side; He doesn’t live entirely in the real world, in the sense that you can’t put him on the street. He’s not Bourne….He has to have his own space around him; and [he] also can’t work in tandem with another man of a similar age. You can’t have a buddy. There’s this constant tension where he only has relationships with his senior figures in MI6 — and women.”

Moreover, “You’ve got to give him an arc, not just a mission.” And Skyfall takes Bond “to another level where Daniel isn’t just playing things he’s done before, where we felt we were pushing — I have to say this in a way that’s not giving too much away — the personal history of the character.”

Mendes also confirms that Skyfall will be more playful, comparing it to Goldfinger, From Russia with Love, and Live and Let Die.

Meanwhile, producer Michael Wilson says Skyfall “is about Bond defending MI6, the country, and the realm” from Javier Bardem’s terrorist, Silva, who’s more nuanced and nimble than the usual baddie.

I’ll have a lot more to report after seeing the trailer the week of May 25th (screening with Men in Black 3).

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