Autodesk Buys Naiad Fluid Sim from Exotic Matter

To accelerate its fluid sim R & D for VFX, Autodesk has acquired the Naiad fluid simulation technology from Exotic Matter. This means Autodesk is inviting the Exotic Matter brain trust to improve its own solution and expand its arsenal to better compete with Scanline VFX, which has become an industry powerhouse.

Exotic Matter’s founder and CEO, Marcus Nordenstam, and chief scientist, Robert Bridson have joined Autodesk. Bridson also will continue as a professor of Scientific Computing/Computer Graphics at the University of British Columbia.

Autodesk will not continue to market and sell Naiad as a standalone product but it is anticipated that certain Naiad technology may find its way into future Autodesk offerings. As of this time, there are no new product or offering announcements pertaining to the Autodesk software portfolio.

It’s expected that Exotic Matter will contact its existing Naiad customers and provide information on how support will be handled. These customers can also still contact Exotic Matter through existing channels.

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