Animation Show of Shows Goes Theatrical

After a successful crowdsourcing campaign, Acme Filmworks’ 17th Annual Animation Show Of Shows will have its first theatrical distribution, beginning Sept. 24th at the ArchLight Hollywood (full playdates here).

The program of 11 shorts  encompasses Australia, France, Ireland, the US, Russia, Switzerland, and Iran, including seven female directors or co-directors, and many of which have garnered awards from distinguished festivals worldwide.  Concluding the program is Oscar-nominated  Don Hertzfeldt’s newest film,  World of Tomorrow (image above), which has already garnered more than 20 awards.

“It has been a personal goal of mine to bring these amazing films to a larger audience and in theaters,” said Acme’s Ron Diamond, creator and curator of the Animation Show of Shows.  “Normally, it’s just the animation studios, Academy members and a festival goers who get to experience these films on the big screen.  And through this showcase many more animation and short film lovers will be able to see these gems as they should be.  This is a very exciting time for animation film and technology, and this program features many different styles, animation techniques and stories. From LGBT themes to environmental tales to personal stories, this Show of Shows offers something for everyone.”

Here’s the schedule for the 17th Animation Show of Shows:

  • THE STORY OF PERCIVAL PITS, created by Janette Goodey & John Lewis, Australia
  • TANT DE FORETS, created by Geoffrey Godet & Burcu Sankur, France
  • SNOWFALL, directed by Conor Whelan, Ireland
  • BALLAD OF HOLLAND ISLAND HOUSE, created by Lynn Tomlinson, USA
  • BEHIND THE TREES, created by Amanda Palmer and Avi Ofer, USA
  • WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT THE COSMOS,  created by Konstantin Bronzit, Russia
  • MESSAGES DANS L’AIR, created by Isabel Favez, France/Switzerland
  • STRIPY, Written and directed by Babak Nekooei & Behnoud Nekooei, Iran
  • ASCENSION written and directed by Thomas Bourdis, Martin de Coudenhove, Caroline Domergue, Colin Laubry, Florian Laubry, France
  • IN THE TIME OF MARCH MADNESS,  directed by Melissa Johnson and Robertino Zambrano, USA
  • WORLD OF TOMORROW, directed by Don Hertzfeldt, USA

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