Alonso Promotes Story, VFX at Marvel

At last week’s 6th annual Visual Effects Society Summit at the W Hotel in Hollywood, Marvel’s Victoria Alonso stressed the importance of “filling the gaps,” in her keynote, whether it’s related to storytelling or VFX. In fact, according to the exec producer/exec VP of visual effects & post-production, maintaining an outside-the-box mentality has been the key to Marvel’s success.

Alonso told me afterward that the Marvel method is to emphasize character and theme, not superhero convention, and that’s how Marvel has managed to thrive and stay ahead of the curve and avoid superhero fatigue. It began with the off-beat hiring of Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. But Alonso’s lone female point of view has been pivotal. She implored the VFX community to employ more women to counteract the predominant male points of view.

But Alonso concedes that it wasn’t until the recent success of Guardians of the Galaxy that she finally became a comic book convert. “They are the characters you didn’t know but now adore.”

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