A Powerful Oz Opener

Watch the inventive opening credits to Oz the Great and Powerful: CG black and white cutouts paying homage to the early roots of magic and the cinema by Yu + Co.

Indeed, there’s no disputing the inspired craft of the opening credits, which look spectacular in 3-D, evoking memories of Melies and sideshow wizardry.

“Our goal with the opening title sequence was to set the tone for the audience to enter the unique, imaginative world that Sam Raimi created,” according to Yu + Co. “The black and white, stereo 4×3 sequence was designed to flow seamlessly into the film’s first scenes which are set in Kansas in 1905. We drew inspiration from a pre-cinematic form of 3-D entertainment, the Theater of Perspective. These miniature paper theaters contained layered images arranged to create scenes with rich 3-D depth. Our cinematic fly-through fuses today’s modern 3-D cinema with the wonder and showmanship of Oz’s time. The sequence uses 37 different fonts and carefully designed imagery that matches the movie characters and creative credits.”

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