Trailering Brave with ‘The Prize’

A new “Prize” trailer has been released for Pixar’s upcoming Brave (June 22). It’s a marvelously hyper real riff on The Adventures of Robin Hood, in which princess Merida (Kelly Macdonald) defies her parents to reveal her skill in an archery contest featuring some very off-beat techniques.

Meanwhile, in other recent Disney and Pixar tech news, there’s info floating around about a new Disney short for this year, Paperman, directed by John Kahrs (formerly with Pixar and animation supervisor on Tangled), touting a game-changing technique that leap frogs MoCap that’s co-created by Disney animator Eric Daniels (Deep Canvas).

I know that Disney has also been experimenting with translating hand-drawn into CG post Tangled. Now, according to, John Musker apparently revealed at the Annies that he’s working on a project with Ron Clements involving such an interface.

Finally, Big Screen Animation reports that Pixar Research Group (with the participation of David DiFrancesco) is developing a system for capturing light fields for use in 3-D cinematography and videography. According to application info, “data collected by these light field imaging systems can then be used to produce 2D images [or] right eye/left eye 3D images… as well as to render and manipulate images using a computer graphics rendering engine and compositing tools.”

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