A ‘Lean, Smart, and Agile’ FMX 2013

FMX 2013  — Conference on Animation, Effects, Games, and Transmedia (April 23-26 in Stuttgart, Germany) has adopted the slogan “Lean, Smart, and Agile” and will feature smart technologies, adaptive approaches, and flexible strategies for the ongoing paradigm shift.

VFX highlights include panels  devoted to Life of Pi, Cloud Atlas, and The Croods (March 22). In fact, while Eric Tabellion (DreamWorks R&D) discusses the use of different lighting techniques on The Croods and other films, VFX supervisor Markus Manninen  gives a broad overview over the animation process. Wildness is a theme that permeates other animation tracks at FMX as well. The “Wild ‘n’ Strange” series, curated by Andreas Hykade is dedicated to offbeat indie highlights far from mainstream.

There is also the return of “Cloud Computing” along with “Cloud Gaming,” curated by Ludwig von Reiche, managing director/senior director of business development at NVIDIA; another “Virtual Production” dedicated track curated by David Morin, chair, Joint Technology Subcommittee on Virtual Production and chair, Autodesk Film CTO Advisory Council.

In addition, there is  “Games: Visual Arts,” curated by Joseph Olin, as well as talks on “Game Cinematics” (curated by Dominic Cianciolo, NetherRealm Studios) and other track highlights span from “Game Characters” by Henry LaBounta (Microsoft) to “Real-time Rendering” by Wolfgang Engel (Confetti). Inga von Staden (Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg) curates the track “Indie Games” and the program series on Transmedia experiences which concentrates on the central theme “Building Worlds.”

Complementing this year’s artistic outlook on animation, the program series “Procedural Animation” looks at the technical aspects of animation when five European professionals elaborate on their work with JavaScript, Flash, WebGL, and Real-Time Animation. Belgian Flash-platform developer and consultant David Lenaerts (away 3D) and creative coder Frederik Vanhoutte, Finnish designer and developer Simo Santavirta (Aphex VJ), French creative developer Nicolas Barradeau, and German software developer Felix Woitzel (S&N Datentechnik) have confirmed their attendance. The program series is curated by Frank Reitberger, freelancer, creative developer, and former head of Flash development at anyMotion Graphics.

“Virtual Humans Forum,” “VFX in Commercials,” and “Simulation” discuss VFX along with two dedicated presentations on two current VFX highlights based on literary works. First there’s Life of Pi: Bill Westenhofer, visual effects supervisor at Rhythm & Hues, speaks about his team’s work on Ang Lee’s Oscar contender. Furthermore, VFX supervisor Guillaume Rocheron illustrates the film’s impressive storm sequences that were created by MPC. What’s more, FMX sheds light on the international co-production Cloud Atlas. Florian Gellinger, VFX supervisor at rise fx, which contributed important shots of the spectacular car crash, aircraft explosion, and other scenes, explains their role in the film’s production.

FMX and the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (ITFS) further continue their long-standing, successful partnership. The world’s biggest festival for animated film, which celebrates its 20th edition this year, takes place parallel to FMX, from April 23-28. The popular festival invites directors, production companies and distributors to Stuttgart to present their animated features. ITFS offers all visitors, including FMX attendees, the opportunity to enjoy the latest and greatest animated films as part of their evening program. The renaissance of stop motion techniques is one of this year’s core themes. Curated by Barry Purves, this program includes the presentation of several Oscar-nominated films. What’s more, the host country India gives insights into the Indian animation community and introduces Reliance, the production company that took over Digital Domain last year; Anand Gurnani is the curator. Together FMX and ITFS host the Animation Production Day (APD), a business platform for the animation industry, on April 25 and 26.

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