5D, USC, Autodesk Present Worldbuilding Summit

FLUX: Digital Design and Worldbuilding for Narrative Media is a three-part exploration into design as the backbone of digital narrative media, addressing the changing role of the designer in storytelling through world building practices. Presented by The 5D | Institute, the USC School of Cinematic Arts, and Autodesk, the Summit — curated by Alex McDowell (Creative Director, 5D | Institute) and Peggy Weil (USC SCA Interactive Media Division) — will be held March 13–15 at USC’s Ray Stark Family Theatre in Los Angeles, and will include panel discussions, audience participation, and networking receptions.

Worldbuilding is the new metaphor for the creation and actualizing of the story space in narrative media and will be the theme of the Summit. It addresses narrative design thinking, the immersive process and the experience of creating new worlds. It expresses the full arc of the role of design in storytelling.

The evenings will be divided into Inception (imagining and developing the world): “World Building for Independent Cinema: Upside Down” with McDowell and moderator Peggy Weil (digital media designer); Prototyping (testing the story space and visualizing the world): “Building Worlds in Animation: How to Train Your Dragon” with production designers Kathy Altieri and Patrick Henenberger and moderated by Oscar-winning VFX supervisor and USC SCA faculty member Mike Fink; and Manufacturing and Finishing (building and experiencing the world): “Design for Virtual Production: Real Steel” with art directors Andrew Jones and Jeff Wisniewski and moderated by media scholar and provost professor at USC, Henry Jenkins.

With this first in a series of Worldbuilding Summits, the 5D | Institute and the USC School of Cinematic Arts will use their unique access to frame an investigation into the language and practices of digital design methodologies, applying learning from thought leaders in core media industries to an interdisciplinary discussion space within and across media.

FLUX: Digital Design and Worldbuilding for Narrative Media
March 13–15th, 2012 | 7–10 pm

The Ray Stark Family Theatre (in the George Lucas Building)
USC School of Cinematic Arts, SCA 108
900 W. 34th Street
Los Angeles, CA

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